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Plant Identification and Science Courses 2017

Plant Identification and Science Courses 2017

Top 20

Top 20 Flowering Plant Families



Tutor: Ros Bennett
Date: Tuesday 11/07/2017 to Wednesday 12/07/2017
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Price: £120

Flowers present a seemingly infinite variety of glorious colours and fascinating designs. For novices interested in recognising and naming them this wonderful diversity can seem an overwhelming challenge. The first step in creating order out of this seeming chaos is to recognise that flowers can be arranged into natural groups or families. To be able to recognise family characteristics should be a big step towards naming a plant.

In Britain more than three quarters of the wild flowers we regularly come across belong to one of only 20 families - The Top 20! Most of these 20 families not only contain a large variety of species but also contain most of the species that dominate our landscapes. This practical two-day course led by botanist Ros Bennett and based in both the Classroom and outside in the Garden, aims to help you master the main characteristics of these 20 families providing you with the confidence and competence you need to become a budding field botanist and a better gardener.
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Basic genetics

Basic genetics, with a plant focus



Tutor: Karen van Oostrum
Date: Friday 14/07/2017
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Price: £65

Would you like to learn about DNA, genes and chromosomes and discover how they fit into the cells of living things? What are F1 hybrids, and how are they created? In this relaxed one-day course with Dr Karen van Oostrum, you will address these areas, and develop a good understanding of basic genetic principles. This will be set in the context of plants, with discussion on how long humankind has been manipulating plant genetic material. The day will include a combination of talks, activities and time outside in the Garden making use of the recently re-developed Understanding Plants area.
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Common Garden Plants

The Chemistry and Biology of Common Garden Plants



Tutor: Alison Foster
Date: Tuesday 19/09/2017
Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm
Price: £35

The chemistry (and some biology) of common garden plants will be explored in this morning session. The stunning rainbow of colours and array of scents influence what we grow but how often do you stop to wonder what makes those scents and colours and what benefits they have to the plants themselves? Some plants are toxic to humans and others are grown particularly for their great taste. This session will also look at the molecular basis of the taste or toxicity of commonly grown garden and allotment plants. The session will take place both in the Classroom and outside in the Botanic Garden.
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